T Shirt Quilt Pricing & Request

I do quite a number of T Shirt quilts and decided to add a copy of
my price sheet to my blog.  If you are interested in sending me your
shirts and ordering a TShirt Quilt, there is a $75 deposit to hold you
place in my work queue while you ship your quilts to me, as well as
to help cover some up front material expenses.  You will pay the
balance (quilt price less deposit) upon completion of the quilt.   To
place an order and get the address for shipping, please email me at

Price and Sizes

2 x 2 (4 shirts) 30 x30 inches -$110

2 x 3 (6 shirts) 30 x 45 inches- $130

3 x 3 (9 shirts) 45 x 45 inches - $155

3 x 4 (12 shirts) 45 x 60 inches- $180

3 x 5 (15 shirts) 45 x 75 inches- $225

4 x 4 (16 shirts) 60 x 60 inches- $240

4 x 5 (20 shirts) 60 x 75 inches- $300

4 x 6 (24 shirts) 60 x 90 inches -$350

5 x 5 (25 shirts) 75 x 75 inches- $365

5 x 6 (30 shirts) 75 x 90 inches- $415

Additional 2 inch border - $25
1 shirt 16x16 pillowcase with insert- $30
Custom borders/options start at an additional $50, depending on the complexity of the customization.
Long arm quilting is available – extra fees may apply

- Customers just need to provide their washed, uncut shirts. Price includes all labor and materials.

- Shirts are squared up and cut to 15 inch

- Shirts are lined with interfacing.

- T-shirts are sewn together i
n a grid format as stated above based on number of shirts.

- 100% cotton is use for the backing and binding fabric. There is a layer of cotton batting used as well between the front/back of quilt.
- Quilts are machine quilted along natural seams.

- I can use any side of the shirt requested.  If one shirt has a front and a back, this would count as two shirts rather than one.

- Please be sure to specify backing and binding color at time of purchase, as well as any border colors.

-Please let me know if you would like your shirt backs returned to you, otherwise I will recycle the leftover material. 

-All sales are final once I receive your shirts. 

- Customers are responsible for all shipping costs.

Samples are not for sale.

To clean the quilt, dry cleaning is recommended due to the weight of the quilt, but can be machine washed cold, tumble dry, low heat or lay flat to dry.  I recommend using a color catcher sheet for the first wash. 
Multiple items can be combined into one order. This will add to the completion time of your total order.

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