Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A dose of birthday

Lots of birthday activity today!  I've been shopping and planning and scheming!
There are 5 birthdays in my life just this week alone, one this very day! Although I am unable to share in her celebration and birthday year's wishes, I am with her in spirit and sending her my love!  The other two birthdays are for my father and daughter, which have me running around like a crazy person scrubbing the house and getting last minute party supplies and décor together.  Would you believe me if I said their birthdays snuck up on me?
Being in the birthday spirit inspired this quick, last minute project:
(I finished it this evening so I promise to add better photos in the morning when
the lighting is better.)
This adorable block is the Quilty Fun Birthday Block! by Lori Holt.
You can find her FREE pattern for this block HERE if you want to make one for your merry unbirthday ;) 
I have plans for this sweet block, but will share them with you next week :) 
Do you have a birthday tradition you enjoy each year?


  1. In recent years my daughter has taken me for afternoon tea to celebrate my birthday . An hour or two together uninterrupted

    1. That sounds wonderful! I hope y'all can keep that going as a sweet mother/daughter tradition!

  2. I like to go to our local bakery to eat cheesecake for my birthday. :)