Friday, June 19, 2015

Monogram Madness!

A tiny introduction to monogramming.  Perhaps you've heard of it, no?  It is HUGE here in the South.  HUGE.  I do a ton of monogramming.  TONS. Prepare yourself, there will be lots of monograms throughout my blog, though I will try my best to keep them from becoming overwhelming and obnoxious.
I monogram towels, baby clothes, children's blankies, stuffed animals, , wedding items galore, pillowcases, sewing machine covers, Christmas stockings, and more. 
You name it, I've probably monogrammed it.
That being said, there are now innumerable amounts of styles and fonts to monogram with to accommodate not just girls, but boys and couples.
The most commonly used is the Traditional Monogram (shown below) where your focus is on the last name initial in the center, larger than the other two initials.
Going from left to right:
First name initial, Last name initial, Middle name initial
Here are some pillowcases I recently did for my sister:

Never say I didn't warn you :)

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  1. Those cushions are so handsome! Nice job on the monogramming, Hannah! I wanted to thank you for your visit to my blog and for leaving such a lovely comment on my post about the top 10 tips to grow your blog. But you are a no reply commenter, so I popped in here. Let me know if you would like to know how to change your no reply status and I will send you a link to help you out.

    1. Yes, are you wordpress? I saw a bunch of discussions on the FB page regarding this and I was curious how I would show. Please send me the link:

  2. You are so right about monogramming being a huge thing in the south! that bedding looks so well coordinated and crisp! :)

    1. My sister just moved so it is all brand new! She has great taste!

  3. How do you stop it puckering Hannah ? I tried and couldn't keep the tension loose enough

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