Monday, June 15, 2015


Hello and Welcome!
My name is Hannah Jennings, the woman behind Modern Magnolia Studio. I am a stay-at-home-mother of two, a wife, and lover of quilting and embroidery!
I got my first sewing machine about 14 years ago, when I was still in grade school.  My best friend and I both dabbled in and out of sewing for years, making things from headbands, skirts, stuffed animals, to even a saddle pad.  Nothing quite stuck to me, yet I was always drawn back to my sewing machine.  One day, about a year and a half ago, I was asked to make a T-shirt quilt.  Why not? And lo and behold, it sparked something deep within me.  I was hooked! I've been quilting non-stop ever since.  I have discovered this whole world through social media of amazing men and women who are extremely talented, an intense array of designer fabrics, and all the overwhelming beauty of a thriving industry in a field I'd feared I was alone in.  Suddenly I discovered other fabric hoarders and like-minded, craft-obsessed individuals who spoke my language.  They are all so positive and helpful and awe-inspiring.  What I thought was a dying art is actually thriving and evolving.  I wish I'd known about this modern quilt movement years ago!! The modern quilt genre,  if you will, has such a unique and colorful basis that really appeals to me.  I heard a quote at a guild meeting a few months back: "Modern quilting is like porn: it is hard to describe but when you see it you know it." (source unknown) This stuck with me because modern quilting is just that, hard to describe.  The Modern Quilt Guild has some great definitions for it, but overall, modern quilting is a feeling and everyone experiences them differently.
Another reason I've been drawn to quilting is I prefer making things I can USE.  I am not huge on fashion (even less these days with two small children lifting my skirts and pulling on my shirts and hair) and the complexity of garment construction just never appealed to me. Quilting, although there are many different techniques and approaches, has flexibility and can easily be tailored to meet everyone's individual style. The possibilities are quite limitless. I love that you can cuddle and use a quilt, every day.  Who doesn't love to sleep with a lovely blanket?
 Speaking of sleep, this brings me to my love of pillows. The quilting world offers so much flexibility, you can convert most any design into varying sizes and uses. What better to go with that snuggly quilt than a pillow?  You will probably find several pillowcases in my posts to follow.  I love home décor, specifically SEASONAL décor.  I love the turning of the year and how each season comes with its own set of smells, experiences, and traditions. I have found that pillowcases (and a few other items) are a quick and simple way to transform the feeling of my house to coincide with the varying seasons and holidays.
I am hoping to get deeper into this world of modern quilting through this blog, and bring you fresh ideas, spins on old ones, and keep you posted on hot new trends in the modern quilting and embroidery world.
I hope you will follow along with me!
**The blog page will be going through some changes, so hang in there with me while I update with the Modern Magnolia colors and logo and creating useful links**

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  1. I am so glad you jumped in and got started blogging! I have heard that porn quote reworded and used to apply to other ideas before, and it made me smile when I read it in this post. I hope you have fun on your blogging adventure, and I look forward to getting to know more about you and your quilts here.