Friday, July 24, 2015

Hello everyone!!! I'm excited to share my new logo with you!  Things are starting to fall into place around here and I'm welcoming the coming school year as it brings even more structure to our days. Anyone else ever feel this way about the school year? 
Here is a quick look at some items I've been working on recently:
With the return of school comes football season, and living in a college town means LOTS of GA Bulldawg merchandise.  I sell these toddler ties at a local children's boutique in their handmade section.  I love seeing how many people are shopping local and handmade these days.
  These lacey sailboats are my first attempt at making lace and trying out an idea I had in my head.  So far this prototype was mostly successful; just needs a few minor adjustments before I make several sets for sale in my Etsy shop.  Wouldn't these be adorable on your Thanksgiving table?
 Per the norm, there is always lots of wedding gift orders.  I love these Mr & Mrs towels that were recently ordered. What a simple and great gift idea!
 Never say I didn't warn you: I always have tons of monogram orders.  But isn't this romper just the sweetest?  I couldn't resist sharing it.
Ok, now for a sneak peek of some of the work I've done in revamping my craft room.  I will do a huge reveal as soon as it is all complete.
After I settled on my shop name and colors, I started adding in pops of it around my craft space.  I finally got some real desks and storage solutions.  Here is a look at my new ironing board cover I recently made:
LOVE looking at this cutie every time I iron (which, as we all know, is frequently).
Life is too short for a boring ironing board cover :)


  1. Wow you have so many talents! Love that ironing board!

  2. Your logo looks great. And well done for making products people want to buy and finding outlets to sell them too. Marketing is what I find most difficult in trying to establish a little home makes business.