Monday, September 28, 2015

Upcoming Attractions

Sorry I have been MIA.  Been getting set up with a new job (still in the hiring phase and probably about a month away from my start date since my new employee orientation isn't until late October) and staying crazy busy with life. 

I've also been sewing A TON!  For the most part, I've been making and selling items through local venders, as well as creating several gifts. 

Here is a quick look at what's in local shops:

Can you tell it's football season here?  LOL

Well, some exciting news:  I will be sharing some new quilts on here soon, as well as sharing progress on a Farm Girl Vintage Sew-Along hosted by A Scarlet Thread, a LQS in McDonough, GA.  If you are interested in participating and sewing along, the link to their sew-along is here.  I can't remember the deadlines for signing up, so hurry over and check it out. 

We are excited about Fall around here.  Decorations are going up this week and I'm mapping out crafts and activities for us.  I'm hoping to revive my 31 Days of Halloween this year, so hold tight! 

This is my first year on PTO and I am co-chair of Decorations for the Fall Festival.  Been busy working with my small team of moms to get the ball rolling and get the school decorated.  Excited to see it all come together for our first Fall  Festival!

I have a few custom embroidery items staring at me, so I suppose I'll hop off the computer and get them done. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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