Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hi all!

I know I have been MIA (per the norm these days) but I assure you I have been very busy in the craft room.  I have actually had to turn away work recently because I have so much.  Thank you all for your support!  I couldn't have made it this far without you!

That being said, my most awesome of the awesome grandfather has done it again!  He saw my need for another machine and generously filled it!  That's right, I will have a new machine very soon (very merry early Christmas to me)!  That means more orders while being able to retain a quick turnaround time for you!  Great timing, too, because I have 27 items that need embroidery looking at me this morning.  Christmas stockings, napkins, shirts, and pillowcases!  And that's just the embroidery-only orders!  I also have several more custom pillowcases to make for a separate order.   I am also participating in a few IG swaps, as well as working on several quilts in varying stages and a mini quilt challenge for my quilt guild, to be revealed in Dec.

I will let you know when the embroidery-only machine arrives and I am open to accepting more orders at a time.  This gives my current machine a chance to do not just embroidery, but frees it up for more quilting!  I'm excited to have 4 machines purring at a time; can't remember if I mentioned I "inherited" a serger from family recently, but she works like a charm and once I get the tension sorted out, she will be humming along just as frequently as the other two machines. 

Last update before I run:  I am not only doing well with Modern Magnolia Studio, I also started working part time at a hospital.  I work in the ER a couple nights a week now.  Bare with me as my hours have shifted (and I am now a zombie on certain mornings) but I am excited to have started this new adventure and look forward to seeing where it takes me.  My coworkers have been wonderful and supportive as I am getting the hang of ER life. 

Please stay safe, my dear readers, and I thank you  again for all your support in my creative endeavors.  Every order helps me succeed and I couldn't do it without you!  My family and I are very grateful to you.

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