Friday, August 5, 2016

Anne of Green Gables

As promised, I'm slowly backtracking through tons of older photos and editing finished project photos to share. 

Here is the Anne of Green Gable's inspired doll I made for my son's best friend's 6th birthday:

I used a DADD pattern and was surprised at how easy she was to make.  She was made mostly on the embroidery machine, in the hoop.  Of course I used red felt for her hair and loved this lace my friend and I found at an estate sale last year, so I had to incorporate it somehow.  The body went together smoothly and I am so glad I decided to fight with the lace and make it go down her bodice.

The skirt was easy, peasy.  I added the lace along the hem, nothing fancy. 

And since the birthday girl is a fan of Anne and loves to read, I was sure to get her the entire collection.  I LOVED the Anne books growing up.  I have them all around here somewhere... I cannot wait for my Little Critter to get a bit bigger, as we will surely read these stories together before bedtime. Meanwhile, our younger book collection will suffice just fine.

Did you have a favorite book/character growing up?

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