Monday, August 8, 2016


I participated in the IG #DisneyQuiltSwap again this year.  I always have so much fun creating something Disney just for my partner.  This year I had the host herself as my partner so I was fairly intimidated but I did enjoy making an Alice in Wonderland themed mini for her!  I love Alice and it reminds me of one of my longest and dearest friends in it. 

There were so many elements and inspirations for this quilt as it all slowly came together.  I saw an image somewhere on the internet with the tree branches looming overhead and loved it.  My partner said "the darker, the better" so I headed towards the gloomy trees.  I placed Alice in and knew it needed more.  Then came the Queen of Hearts Castle, followed by the tea cups and keys in the trees... yet it felt empty and needed more... then I added the topiaries, as "Painting the roses red" is one of my favorite parts in the movie.  This just kept evolving and being added to until I had it completed.

First, I drew out the branches on fusible web, cut out the branches and applied them across the top.   

I drew my grass and hill out on fusible web, and after getting them cut out out, I laid them out how I wanted on the mini, marked where I wanted the castle, and then machine embroidered the castle in place.  Once it was finished, I carefully replaced my hill and grass, ironed them in place, and sewed along the edges to keep them down.

I pieced Alice completely separate.  She is appliqued onto a piece of linen and then I used fusible web to add her.    I stitched her down along the edges after ironing her in place. She was actually the VERY FIRST piece I made for this mini, but unfortunately, I needed the background before I could actually put her in.

Then I knew it needed more.  I ran to the craft store and bought a bunch of key charms, the beads and leaf charms spoke to me while there, and as a side note, I figured I'd grab the red ribbon roses... initially I considered putting them in the branches.

 I used some vintage floral scraps I had in my closet to create the china, again, simple fusible web, iron down, stitch around edges. In hindsight, I wish I'd thought to do a thicker edging in a coordinating color to make them stand out more and give more definition. I hand sewed the keys, beads and leaves in place, trying to evenly distribute everything.

Last but not least, for the big empty spaces on the sides, I added in the topiaries. I was so glad I decided to go ahead and buy the ribbon roses, as they worked perfectly. 

My partner seemed thrilled to receive this mini along with her Alice and sewing themed goodies.

See more from this years swap on IG, using hashtag #DisneyQuiltSwap.

What is your favorite Disney movie?

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  1. As an Alice lover myself...YOU HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK! She will love this. I think those little ribbon roses are my favorite embellishment on the mini.